Morgan and Crow, Inc.Morgan and Crow, Inc.


Morgan & Crow was incorporated in early 1998. We use state-of-the-art equipment and software to ensure even speedier transmission of claims and receipt of insurance dollars for your practice. With our current software package, eThomas, we’ve seen a decrease in turn around time and improved collections.

About Our Services

Morgan & Crow, Inc. is a full service medical billing management company. But, what does that mean? It means that once you’ve hired us, you won’t have to worry about any aspect of your billing or your receivables. As your billing specialists, we will submit all of your claims; and we’ll track the payments and follow-up the rejections. You will no longer need to worry about hardware or software or training employees to use it. Software costs alone can exceed $10,000; add the salary and benefits of a full-time employee and the cost of collecting your payments can quickly get out of hand. We will also provide you with customized reports and other specialized services to fit all your needs. Whether you want to track a specific procedure code, see how a particular insurer pays, or send birthday cards to your patients each month, we will format a program tailored to the individual needs of you and your practice. Morgan & Crow, Inc. also offers practice management and efficiency services. We can help with practice set-up, system improvement, bookkeeping, insurance contracting, and many other facets of practice administration. Our specialized software also allows your staff access (through a secure VPN) to the patient database and a scheduling program that we can tailor to your practice needs. This allows your staff to track and schedule appointments, record patient payments and print receipts. There are also a number of clinical management tools available with the software. Please ask us about the cost of setting this up for you.