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Benefits of Electronic Billing

Electronic billing allows all claims to travel to the respective insurer as fast as an internet download. You no longer have to wait for the claim to go through the mail, be sorted by the insurer, processed and then paid; it all happens in a fraction of the time. And since it also allows for mistakes to be caught and corrected before the claim is even transmitted, there are far less resubmissions based on coding errors. What all this means to you is that you will receive your payments faster with a higher degree of accuracy. Currently, all of the major insurance companies require electronic submission.

Why Use a Service?

Many practices already bill electronically. The benefit to using a service like ours is that you no longer need to spend that person’s salary and benefits on your billing, because let’s face it, 75% of the cost of billing is labor time! Because of our volume, and our experience dealing with insurers and the myriad common problems billers face every day, we can handle every aspect of your insurance claim filing with higher efficiency, higher return and fewer mistakes. We can and will save you money on labor, overhead and supply costs, as well as equipment and software. Ultimately, what all this adds up to is better efficiency for your practice, more cash to run the day-to-day operations, and more employee time to attend to the needs of your patients. You will no longer have to worry about when claims get submitted, how long processing will take and how to find the time to follow-up on the rejections. All you need to do is turn your superbills over to us, then sit back and wait for the checks to arrive!